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Zen Nights Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit located in Mesa, AZ. Our mission is to spread awareness of the vegan lifestyle though education.

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Zen Nights Block Party is a free monthly vegan street fair on the last Friday of every month! We feature tons of local vendors, guest speakers, a kids' corner and much, much more!

Nadia Khalighi Tucker

Executive Director

Nadia is an Iranian American Baha'i immigrant whose family sought refuge in the United States in 1980. She grew up in Los Angeles before finding her way to Arizona in 2002. Having experienced religious persecution firsthand, Nadia was interested in human rights, activism, and spreading compassion. Her journey led her to learn more about how she could contribute on a personal level.

Nadia worked briefly as an event planner. For a while, she worked at a Farmer's Market that doubled as a dairy farm. Nadia saw the sadness in the cows' eyes. The thought of their offspring being torn from them moments after birth was crushing. Even worse, the idea that these mothers were a commodity, only useful as long as they kept bearing calves and producing enough milk to justify their existence. When she left this job, Nadia went vegan.

Nadia's entrepreneurial spirit led her to start Zen Comfort Home. It is an eco-friendly bedding company whose sheets are breathable, silky soft, light-weight, and anti-microbial. These sheets offer high-end quality, with a price tag even an activist can afford. Zen Comfort Home sheets were originally sold at festivals across the southwest, as well as online. Nadia's family has so much fun at festivals, but wanted to spend more time in Arizona. Out of that desire came Zen Nights.

Zen Nights Block Party is a free monthly street fair in Mesa, Arizona that is completely 100% plant-based and cruelty free. It consists of live music, plant-based food vendors, guest speakers, cooking demonstrations, and a kid's corner! Each month, the Zen Nights Block Party attracts approximately 1,500 (and growing) vegan, vegetarian, and veg-curious attendees.

Will Tucker


America's Vegan Trainer

4 Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Owner WTF! (Will Tucker Fitness) Arizona’s ONLY 100% plant based fitness studio

Author/Certified Fitness Trainer/National Speaker

Will Tucker is a fitness expert and award-winning professional vegan bodybuilder. He constantly dispels the myth that large amounts of animal protein is required to build an outstanding physique. Will's philosophy is that all the nutrients that the body requires are available in a well balanced, plant-based diet.

As a certified fitness trainer, he relies on his 20+ years of fitness experience to help his clients develop plant-based nutrition and exercise plans that fit their individual preferences and needs. Many of his clients have eliminated the need for prescription medications while eradicating physical ailments. For years everyone from soccer moms to CEOs, medical professionals and even celebrities have called on Will when they need to get in shape in the shortest time possible.

Will is a prominent figure in the Vegan community. His talks at both veg-friendly and corporate events are always well received. Will's style is educational and entertaining. He engages with the audience, discussing subjects like, Protein Propaganda and why society is obsessed with protein.  Will raises critical questions about commercial financial interests associated with our food choices.  He also discusses the impact on animal, environmental and health aspects, while sharing his personal story of how he transitioned from a midwestern meat and potato guy to a vegan powerhouse.

Jennifer Drost

Board Member 

Jen Drost, MS, PA-C graduated from Yale University, and is an Internal Medicine Physician Assistant at Mayo Clinic. She has been at Mayo for over 15 years, and in the last 3 years, she has been a co-Principle Investigator on a study looking at the effect of a whole food plant-based diet on diabetes, for patients undergoing surgery.  Besides her medical certification, Jen is a Mayo Certified Health coach. In addition, through her company, Evidence Based Health Coaching, she provides customized coaching for individuals, families, and companies to help them achieve their health goals. Jen also facilitates CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) which helps people achieve lifestyle changes.  She serves on the board of directors of NutritionFacts.org. One of Jen’s recent highlights on her healthy lifestyle journey was helping edit Dr. Michael Greger's New York Times bestselling book, How Not to Die. Another activity she enjoys is hiking through our beautiful National Parks with her family.

Sheila Williams

Board Member

Sheila Williams is a Certified Main Street Vegan Academy Lifestyle Coach and Educator and animal advocate. Sheila celebrates 15+ years being Vegan and is committed to helping individuals transition into the Vegan lifestyle.
She offers individual coaching, group food demonstrations, and introductory classes to Veganism.
In addition to coaching, Sheila aka DJ AFRODITE, also DJs for various events, celebrations and fundraisers.

Jason Wyrick

Board Member 

Jason Wyrick is the Executive Chef of The Vegan Taste, the nation’s longest running vegan meal delivery service, and Casa Terra, Arizona’s first vegan fine dining restaurant. He is the NY Times bestselling co-author of 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart, the author of Vegan Tacos and Vegan Mexico, coauthor of Powerfoods for the Brain, and food editor of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life and Clean Protein. He is also the founder of the world’s first vegan food magazine, The Vegan Culinary Experience and owns the longest running vegan business in Arizona. In 2001, he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. By going on a healthy plant-based diet, he was able to reverse diabetes and lose over 100 pounds. He set off to become a chef to help others eat healthy and eat compassionately and has subsequently been featured in the NY Times, Vegetarian Times, VegNews, LA Times, and numerous other publications. He was the first vegan instructor to teach in the Le Cordon Bleu program and leads vegan food tours all around the world. He is a proud partner in Will Tucker Fitness and strives to mentor new vegan business owners and chefs. Chef Jason Wyrick believes that people should eat healthy, eat compassionately, and eat well! To find out more about him, visit www.thevegantaste.com

Crystal Morgan

Board Member 

Crystal Morgan is an active vegan in the Phoenix area. She maintains the websites for Zen Nights and Zen Comfort. Crystal has been vegan for several years and is committed to helping individuals transition with recipes, trips to the grocery store, and a scenic tour at Zen Nights Block Party.
In addition to web hosting, Crystal enjoys trips to animal sanctuaries, festivals, and fundraisers.


Please help us advance our mission of spreading awareness of the vegan lifestyle through education. Zen Nights Inc is a 501(c) 3 and your donation is tax deductible